Under the Witching Cross

by Bewitcher

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Crema de la Metal
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Crema de la Metal Bewitcher picks up where they left off after the debut full length -- more heavy metal at the speed of Satan.
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space.scoundrel Speedy riffy fun. Thrash out.
Holdeneye thumbnail
Holdeneye You don't have to be a fan of blackened speed metal to enjoy this blasphemously tasty treat. Embodying the essence of heavy metal itself, this is the most fun I've had with an album in a long time. Favorite track: In the Sign of the Goat.
Matthew Toye
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Matthew Toye Bewitcher return with another bonfire set ablaze in the glory of Satan's name. Whenever I need my heavy metal fix, I always come back to both of their albums. A very solid band and I'm very proud to support them. Favorite track: In the Sign of the Goat.
Wulfdan thumbnail
Wulfdan A ripping blend of all the best things from 90s Venom and Bathory, seasoned with a unique flavour of Bewitcher's own creating. Don't sleep on this! Favorite track: In the Sign of the Goat.
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released May 10, 2019

Available on Limited Edition Color Vinyl, CD, Cassette and Digital Download

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BEWITCHER, in conspiracy with SHADOW KINGDOM RECORDS is pleased to announce the long-awaited follow-up to their self-titled debut album. The time has come to finally unveil the band’s sophomore effort, entitled UNDER THE WITCHING CROSS.

The album was engineered at The Captain’s Quarters studio in Ventura, CA by Night Demon axeman Armand John Anthony with mix/master duties once again falling to Joel Grind. Their combined efforts give the production a sound not yet heard on a Bewitcher record; ominous and layered without sacrificing any of the viciousness of its predecessor.

With stunning cover art from the incomparable Polish painter Mariusz Lewandowski, UNDER THE WITCHING CROSS is a clear statement of the band’s expanding musical and artistic aspirations. Don’t be fooled however, the content within is pure Satanic Speed Metal savagery that Bewitcher delivers with deadly force.

UNDER THE WITCHING CROSS will be released worldwide on May 10, with pre-orders available for physical and digital formats through SKR and the band’s official merch channels. Visit bewitcher.us for more info, as well as upcoming tour dates.

Limited Edition LP released by Shadow Kingdom Records on 200 Black, 200 Blue/Silver/Black Splatter (Band Exclusive), and 600 Transparent Blue with Orange Smoke.

Physical Release : May 10th, 2019


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Bewitcher Portland, Oregon



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Track Name: Savage Lands of Satan
In a place where there once stood
Crystal streams and emerald woods
Now only mounds of burning rock and smoking ground
Salted flats where nothing grows for 1000 miles around
Visions of terror enter your mind

Trumpets and drums sound in the distance
Drawing closer, growing louder, then deafening
The hungry hordes are approaching
No one can help you, no one can save you

Calling upon you
His voice echoes from the void
Losing yourself, losing your mind
(1st) Cross the gates to the
(2nd) Fever dreams in the
(3rd) Dreams of death in the
Savage Lands of Satan

Wasteland, desert hellscape
Devoid of life, devoid of soul
Polluted air that stings the eyes
Sulphered nostrils, searing lungs
Fight but you will fall
Your future erased from existence
Track Name: Hexenkrieg
Scryer! Diviner! Gaze into the flame
Secrets most dire, carried out in Satan’s name
Oracle awakens from her sleep,
amidst the glow of moonlight beams
Through the glare of fiery eyes,
impending doom is riding high

Oh, now this is war! The end is closing in
And on this night, we will fight
Grief and sorrow, watching as your cities burn
Daybreak, too late
Past the point of no return

(1st & 3rd) Deep in the smoking cauldron/
(2nd) Smoke rises from the cauldron
Cursed embers burning hot
Strike your heart with deadly speed
Witches dancing in the streets
Souls that never rest in peace
(1st & 2nd) A dose of black magic
(3rd) A dose of metal
Is what I need
Night of the Hexenkrieg!

Footsteps behind you, shadows in your sights
Reaper calling, summoning electric light
Wolf is howling, and you go insane
Baptized in blood and pain
Malevolent magic in the air
Bringing to life your worst nightmares

Witching hour turning into the witch’s night
Danger, strangers scratching at your door
Hellish terror, darkest art
And your world falls apart
Haunted by tormented screams,
praying that it’s all a dream
Track Name: Under the Witching Cross
Sparkling sky, lightning strikes
A misty, dark and rainy night
Legions descend with studs and spikes,
Drawn towards the neon lights
Denim and leather shining black,
Maniacal forces on the attack
Devastation, a megaton blast
Concussion hits so very fast

Fly! Higher! And spread the curse like wildfire
Come Hell! Come water!
The flames of the cult only get hotter
Bullet belts and chains, only chaos remains
In the smoldering afterglow
Metal heart, metal soul
Drink from the chalice of Rock n’ Roll

We wait for the sign
Under the witching cross
We live for the night
Under the witching cross

(2nd) Under the witching cross
We worship the moon
Under the witching cross, oh!

Armies of apocalypse
Assembled on the moon’s eclipse
Dim lit room the fog rolls in,
The candle’s fire licks your skin
Tonight’s the night give up your soul
All for Satan’s wicked goal
Living hard and living free
Gods of metal smile unto thee

And above the smoking ashes
The ancient sky did ignite
For the light of it’s eye was so great
That it blinded the very face of God
Track Name: Heathen Woman
Warrior, sorceress, solitary witch
Armored in fur, bones and leather
Dark priestess with cinders on your tongue
Brought to power when you were so young
Into initiation, a child of damnation
Morning sun shines into the canyon
Blade of the athame reflects the light
Talisman upon the breast, an invocation
And a cocktail of wormwood, oil and wine
And so begins the rite...

Heathen woman come cast your spell on me
Obsessed by you, possessed by you
Trapped in your pentagram, your wish is my command
Oh baby, we’re gonna burn!

(2nd) Heathen woman come lay your hands on me
You are the object of death and doom
Black robes and candlelight
Invoking lunar rites, standing at the edge of the world

Bathed in blood, pagan queen
The glow of burning churches in your eyes
Messenger of Lucifer, envoy of the devil
I am in your icy grip now
For mighty is your kingdom, and mighty is your hand
Empress, mystic mistress risen from the depths
Demons calling your name
No confession, inquisition can’t take you down
No masters, no gods,
You reign supreme and eternal
Track Name: Too Fast for the Flames
Don’t want to live forever
Don’t care if I get to heaven
The twilight of the gods is nigh
Running wild in the street
I’m turning up the heat
And getting dizzy from the high

Try like hell to chase me
(1st & 3rd) But you will never catch me/
(2nd) But not even hell can catch me
A black flame in the dead of night
To set the world alight

Too Fast
Too fast for the Flames!

Burning leather on my skin, I’ve got a license to sin
And I'm walking the road to damnation
Inverted cross held high, never afraid to die
Forever hard, forever hungry
Track Name: In the Sign of the Goat
From high on the hill we chant for the end
Ars magna nigredo
Magic and mayhem from fire ascend
Blacken the sun and moon!
Light bringer, flame bearer
Knowledge from beyond the veil
Damnation, no salvation, 1000 days of chaos
Anti-Christos shall rise
From the soil and the sea, to the heavens bring down the sky
He is ageless, formless
No birth, no death, no resurrection
Bathed in most sacred blood!

We were born in the sign of the goat
We are the moonlight children
Worshiping at the temple of the serpent
Seeking the god within
In the sign of the goat
(In the sign of the goat!)
In the sign of the goat
On black wings we soar

Fallen one, hail to fire waters to blood
World to ruin, no rapture, messiah never comes
Five-pointed burning star
Goat of lust, stabbing the heavens with his horns
Elemental transformation
Earth, air, fire, water and blood
Son of the morning rise
As one, a monolith
Stray forever from the flock
He is rebel, dark angel, iconoclastic to the death
Anti-kosmos immortalis!

Cast yourself into the fire!
Track Name: Rome is on Fire
Pagan kings who rule as gods
Conjurers of mystic might
Conspiracy, insanity
Raiding the temples
The city bleeds

Rome is on fire
(1st) Cult of the cross, crushed beneath the iron fist
(2nd & 3rd) Engraved in stone the deadly
sign of the iron fist...666

To the lions! To the lions!
From gold cups you drink deeply
Perversion, cruelty
Long shall your names be known
Plunder of the conquered lavished unto thee

Crucified and burned alive
To serve as living torches in the night
So, all now hear the new decree
Let them hate me
So long as they fear me

Track Name: Frost Moon Ritual

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